About Us

June 1, 2016

Dental Shine Clinic – A Renowned Dental Clinic in Noida and Delhi NCR

Dental Shine Clinic is a renowned service provider of all types of dental treatments like Full Mouth Scaling, Root Canal Treatment, Crowns & Bridges, Dental Fillings, Teeth Whitening, Complete & partial Dentures, Pediatric Dentistry, Smile Designing, Orthodontic Treatment, Dental Jewellery, Dental Veneers, Dental Implants, Bruxism or Teeth Grinding and Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Sector 37, Noida and Delhi NCR. When you cant smile with confidence, many aspects of your life can be negatively affected. Not only will you lack self-assurance, you may also provide others with an inaccurate first impression of yourself. Thats because people naturally react in a positive way to bright, friendly smiles. Whether you are looking to achieve excellent dental health for life, create a wonderful smile or urgently require a same day emergency appointment, Dental Shine Clinic can help you.

Making use of state-of-the-art technology, we do everything we can to ensure professional care for your teeth. And it goes without saying that friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere form a natural part of your visit. ll new patients can expect a complete oral hygiene assessment and will be provided with tailored advice on their oral health.


Part of our commitment to serve our patients includes providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs. This website is a resource, we hope you’ll find both useful and interesting.

We use latest technologies in our clinic which includes:

  • Highly advanced Dental Chair equipped with all latest features
  • X-Ray machine
  • Autoclave, Ultra Violet chamber and Glass Bead Sterilizer to maintain our instruments
  • Intra Oral Camera for patients convenience

Why Us?

We Hear You

Dental Shine Clinic takes pride in its ability to build relationships with all its patients. We take the time to listen and ask questions. We believe that happy patients are those who have been well understood and have made well informed decisions.

Technology and Infection Control

A premium level of dental care is only possible in the presence of the highest quality dental equipment, instruments and supplies.

Dr. Swati Grover (B.D.S, M.U.H.S)

Dr. Swati Grover graduated from Mumbai with internship in Government Dental College. She enjoys providing her patients with a full range of dental treatment services and has a particular interest in smile enhancement and improvement using the most gentle and minimal techniques possible.

Dr. Swati Grover has spent many years in private practice and focuses primarily on aesthetic and restorative dentistry as well as some orthodontic systems.

So if you would like to get to know us a little better, why not give us a call or use the contact form to send an email.